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Who Pays

Funding for Long Term Care. Who Pays?


There are many different ways to finance long-term care. You will probably need to use a combination of payment sources which may include Medicaid (if available), Long-term Care Insurance and other programs, in addition to your own resources. During our initial assessment, our Case Managers will evaluate your loved ones need to determine the appropriate plan of care and funding sources available.

Here is an overview of funding sources and what is covered under each program:

  • Medicare, which for long-term care, covers some skilled nursing care either in a nursing home or in the home (skilled home health), and hospice. Medicare does not pay for our services.
  • Medicaid, the partially federally funded, but state-operated program provides medical care for certain low-income individuals and families who have limited resources. Medicaid usually covers nursing home care, but in some states funding is available for assisted living, homecare or home health care. Amazing Hearts Homecare and Staffing LLC currently provides care to those with Medicaid in Texas.
  • Long-term Care Insurance (LTCI)can cover anything from non-medical homecare to nursing care; however, it depends on the type of policy you purchased.Amazing Hearts Homecare and Staffing LLC accepts all Long Term Care Insurance and will review your policy with you to determine benefits.
  • VA Aid & Attendance Benefit Pension provides benefits for veterans and surviving spouses who require assistance with their daily activities of living whether it is in a nursing home, assisted living community, or in their own home. Our services are covered by the Aid & Attendance Benefit. AHHAS VADocumentsNeeded
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